September 2019

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1. Women Harrasment In India : A Study Arnab Chowdhury
Jayanta Mete
2. Emerging issues of higher Education Prospect, Challenges and Suggestion Prof. Kamal Prasad Baudha
3. Foreign Aid and Its Effectiveness in Education (A Case Study of Nepal) Gokarna Prasad Gyanwali
4. A Comparative Assessment on ICT Accessibility among the Government and Non-Government Higher Secondary School Students at Home & Other Places Nirmal Kumar Guchhait
5. ICT in Teacher Education : A Step towards Continuous Professional Development Pratima Pallai
Sashapra Chakrawarty
6. Arhantism, Buddha and Education Dr. Raj Kumar Nayak
Dr. Anshuman Das
7. Health Seeking Priorities and Their Reasons Among the High-hill People : An Ethnographic Study of Hyolmos Ram Hari Dhakal
8. 3E-education : Making New Horizons Dr. Ravi Kant
9. Contempt of Court – Protect People For Disrespectful and Diobbey Law Rimita Bhar
10. College Alcoholism Abuses : A Prevention And Intervention Programming Dr. Subodh Chandra Mishra
Dr. Haripriya Panda
11. Guidance And Counselling For Victims of Ragging and Their Families Sumit Dutta
12. Non-Performing Assets – A Major Problem Faced by The Indian Economy Siddhi Priyadarshini
13. Critical Analysis of Secondary Teacher Education Curriculum in Bihar Dr. Pratibha Rani Singh
Md. Inamuddin
14. Bihar : Land and People Dr. Bibha Singh
Dr. Radhekhant Prasad
15. NCTE and Teacher Education : A Concern View Dr. Balabhadra Jena
Amrutajyoti Mohanty
16. Adjustment of Grade X Students in Bettiah Dr. Ignatius Topno
Nidhi Kumari
17. Anita Desai As a Novelist And Her Narrative Technique Dr. S.Meenakshi
18. Masarh : A Great Archaeo-Historic Site of Bihar Dr. Rana Uday Pd. Singh
19. Role of  Education in Moral Values Development Dr. Ashwati Verma
Md. Azgar Ali Sheikh
20. A Study of Depression And Anxiety Among Parents of Normal Children and M. R. Children Ambika Prasad
Sanjay Kumar
21. Ecocritical Analysis of Rabindranath Tagore’s Poems Mandana Kolahdouz Mohamadi