IDR June 2019

1 Electronics sector: A key player in boosting Indian
Dr. Suresh Sah  , Kumar Rishav
2 Role and Importance of ICT in improving Quality
Dr. Kamal Pd. Bauddha
3 New Norms and Standards of NCTE and It’s
Impact on Quality in Teacher Education.
Dr. Nehal Ahmad Ansari
4 New Teacher Technology Aids in Schooling System Sweta Singh
5 Emerging Methods in E-learning and Teacher Education Ashok Kumar Patel
6 Feminist Voice in Kamala Das’s Poetry Dr. Binay Kr. Vishkarma
7 Buddhism: A Religious Science of Mind Vimal Kumar
8. Changes in Dalit status by dint of Migration Vijay Kumar
9 Indian Bureaucracy:Maladies and Remedies Ashok Kumar Patel